How to Buy a Leofric Garage

To order a Leofric garage, please contact your nearest agent or show site. They will be able to fully explain the ordering procedure, and guide you through the process.

If you do not have an agent or show site located nearby, please contact us directly and we can send you an order form, and offer any other advice you require.

The steps for ordering are...

1. Fill Out An Order Form

Available from your local agent or show site or directly from us. Give your full details and details of the building (state exact size, and clearly indicate position of windows, personnel doors, etc.). We can help you through the process of specifying your garage.

2. Make a Deposit

The minimum deposit is 20%. Cheques should be made payable to Leofric Building Systems Ltd. We also accept the majority of debit and credit cards as payment.

3. Arrange Delivery

Once we receive your order, we will schedule delivery, which will be normally three to four weeks from the date we receive your order. (We are one of the fastest garage manufacturers in the country!)

4. Receive The Invoice

When we have scheduled your building for delivery, we will send you an acknowledgement letter, advising when the outstanding balance is due (14 days prior to delivery).

5. Delivery & Erection

If you have decided to use our erection service, once your building has been delivered, the erectors will contact you to arrange a day for erection, normally within seven days of delivery. This is usually done within one day, leaving you to enjoy your new garage!