A temporary Storage Solution

TempStor, by Leofric Building Systems Ltd, is a re-locatable storage system comprising units constructed using self-extinguishing uPVC. These modules are available for rental or purchase. Shown here is the 2m x 3m single store version but the system includes 2m x 4m modules that are divided into 4 units each.

  • Short Term Rental - £20 per week
    (minimum 2 weeks)
  • Long Term Rental - 3 months - £18 per week
  • Long Term Rental - 6 months - £17 per week
  • uPVC Roof and Walls
  • Sizes: Single Unit 2m x 3m
               Four Unit   2m x 4m
  • Additional days @ £3 per day
  • Delivery and Collection Charge - £0.90p per mile
    (total mileage)
  • Steel Fort Knox security door
  • Timber floor
  • Available in Terracotta, Grey or Green, textured finish

+VAT on all prices