LeoLockers - Simple, Safe & Sound!!

Jumbo storage lockers

Ideal for just that extra, important breathing space!!

Available in a series of high security modules normally eight to a block comprising of four units back to back, each unit giving an internal space of 32" (82cm) x 34" (86cm) x 6ft 6 (198cm) high. The high security door is made of double-skin steel and has a three-point, 10-bolt locking system for maximum security.


External walls: Moulded uPVC in a Spanish tile design & texture.

Internal Walls: High strength uPVC panels

Roof: High strength uPVC roof sheeting

Floor: Wood/composite decking

The simple concept we have sought to achieve is one of a 12ft x 6ft 6 'boxed area' of eight modules but please note that a particular requirement for a different combination of units or sizes may be possible. Please consult with us further in this case.

£4490.00 + VAT & Delivery per 8-bay unit as specified.

( £561.00 per unit )

LeoLockers 8-Bay Unit Letting Potential Example:

26 weeks ( ½ year ) x £20.00 per week per unit = £520.00

x8 units = £4160.00

Assuming only 70% occupancy = £2912.00

Equal to 64.8% paid for in the first season.